PPC Training Institute in Faridabad – Delhi NCR

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PPC Training Faridabad

PPC Training Institute in Faridabad

PPC which simply means Pay per click. It is a technique of internet marketing strategy by using the means of online advertising. It is a direct way or technique to move traffic to website just by advertising website by display network marketing.

It is a method to gain visibility and interest of the visitors who are interested in your services or in your business. But it depend on your ad formation like if your ad is able to attract more visitors then you will get more attention and visibility, which leads to make you a strong competitor and leader in your field, and if your ad is not able to do so then you have to improve it to get more visitors.

It is a simple technique in which advertisers bid on the keywords related to their business which can directly target the requirement of the market. However there are two types of systems for advertising and its completely depends upon the advertiser that what type of ad they wanted to use for their business.

So, PPC is a best technique to promote the business online by posting the ads online and earn the more attraction and visibility in your business to achieve more for longer term.

As PPC or Pay Per click is of the most effective forms of Search Engine Marketing, search Engine is to be used by many people around 80-90% people will search their daily queries over Major Search Engine to obtain quick results for their queries. In the online marketing industry, it is important to learn the required tactics that makes a PPC Advertising campaign successful.

Our PPC training program in Faridabad and Delhi-NCR has been developed to teach you the best on how to run an effective PPC campaign for a website keeping in mind. The basic purpose behind our PPC training is to make you learn the latest techniques of Pay-Per-Click advertising model for you rather you want to go into the Internet Marketing Industry or if you are a owner of any business.

Our PPC Course is a blend of theory and practice as you will be made to undertake the practical applications under the guidance of our experienced professionals.

Some Highlights of PPC Training Program:

  • Introduction to PPC [Pay-Per-Click]
  • How PPC Campaign Works
  • Planning and Structuring PPC Campaigns and Ad-Groups
  • Keywords Research and Selection Manually and By Tools.
  • Creating Best and Attractive Ad Group for generating more leads.
  • Pay Per Click Bid Management
  • Tracking PPC Campaign and Daily Budget
  • Generating Performance Reports and Analysing the Campaign & Advertising
  • Managing Time Scheduling
  • Managing Geographical Locations & Targeting Particular Location.


 Whole Structure of PPC Training Course Program in Our Institute:

What and Why PPC Training   Bids
  • Why Need PPC Training
  • Benefits of PPC Training
  • PPC Skill – A easy, legal way to earn millions
  • PPC Proficiency – Another word for a Secured Job
  • PPC Consultancy
Overview of PPC
  • What’s PPC and how does it work
  • What are the elements used in PPC
  • Importance of target keywords
  • Research Industry related Keywords
  • Calculate popularity and volume of keywords
  • Conduct slicing, filtering, and dicing redundant keywords
  • PPC tools and resources
  Groundwork for PPC campaign
  • How to Plan, Structure
  • Objectives
  • Creating Goals & Expectation
  • Importance of campaign
  • Tracking PPC Campaign
  • Campaign Structure
  • Bids and bid management tips
  • Importance of bidding and bidding techniques
  • Spot competitor’s bidding techniques
  • Bidding tools
  Landing Pages
  • Importance of landing pages
  • Importance of effective Ads
  • Ads for “Click-through-Rates” (CTRs)
  • Tests to check efficiency of PPC and landing pages
  • Lowering of average Cost-Per-Click (CPC)
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Optimize landing pages
  • Use ‘Calls to Action’/ Extensions
  • Tracking Conversion
  • Measure ROI
  • Cost/Conversion